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History of Council of Serampore College

History of Council of Serampore College

The Council is the supreme body in the structure of the College. Incorporated by the Royal Charter, granted in 1827, by the Danish King, Frederick, VI and enlarged by the Serampore College Act of 1918 by the Government of Bengal, the Council continues to exercise its overall responsibilities for this unique institutions. It has a membership of seventeen members (including the Master and Principal) and has an ecumenical and representative character. It constantly seeks to win adequate support to the institution both as teaching college and as theological university. According to the Charter and Statutes of the College, the Council is vested with all powers, including that of management of the College. The council makes bye-laws for governing Collage administration.

As Governing Body of the College, it functions through two complementary but distinct forms: College as an academic institution, and College as a university. As an academic institution, the College has two different departments – Arts, Science and Commerce (ASC) Department and Theology Department. The ASC Department is affiliated to University of Calcutta. The College Faculty as per the provisions of the Serampore College Act administers the College, as an educational institution.

The other form of the College is the University form, which is administered by a widely representative body, Senate, as per the provisions of the Serampore College Act.

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