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Senate of Serampore College

Senate of Serampore College (University)

Senate of Serampore College is the creation of the Serampore College Act-1918. The Senate is assigned the duty to ‘frame courses of studies and make rules for the conduct of examinations and shall subject to the control of Council determine the qualifications for degrees and diplomas, and do and perform all other matters and things necessary or proper for or relating to the determination of the eligibility of candidates for degrees, diplomas and certificates to be conferred by the Council’ (Article 11). In exercising its rights, and functioning as a University, it now confers its own diplomas and degrees, namely, namely the diploma in Christian Studies, diploma in Pastoral Care and counseling, and the degrees of Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Divinity, Bachelor of Christian Studies, Master of Theology, Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Theology.

Senate of Serampore College is to be understood as the arm of Serampore College (University) in this sense and has reference to the interests, concerns and activities of the Serampore College as a University. It is in the administration of the University functions of the College, the Senate of Serampore College operates. Article 12 of the Act empowers the Senate to make rules and regulations for the convening of its meetings and for the proper conduct of its business.

The actual mode of conferring distinctions, under the Charter and the Act, remains wholly within the discretion of the Council. Though the College is authorized to grant degrees in theology, the Article 13 of the Act has limited this provision to theology only. There is, however, a provision for the College to grant degrees in any branch or branches of knowledge provided it fulfills certain conditions and satisfies the State Government. This privilege the College did not utilized so far.

Senate meets annually, normally at the time of convocation, to transact its business. Its normal academic and administrative works are undertaken by different committees, appointed for a period of three years. The Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Academic Committee, Committee for Research and Ecumenical Relations and Church Ministries are some of the important committees of the Senate. Ten Boards of Studies are formed to guide the academic programmes of the Senate.

Serampore College (Teaching) & Serampore College (University)

In the development of Serampore College after 1910, the teaching activities of the College were organized in two Departments – Arts Science Commerce department and Theology Department. The Arts-Science-Commerce department of the College as a teaching institution is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Calcutta University was the first among the universities which accepted Serampore degrees form its inception and recognized BD degree equivalent to its BA degree; other universities soon followed the suit.

Theology Department functions on its own right as a teaching institution in theology. The College in its teaching aspect is referred to as Serampore College (Teaching). Theology Department of the College is not an affiliated college to the Senate of Serampore College (University), but is an integral part of the Serampore System.

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